Facetime vs Google Hangouts vs Skype vs Google Duo

By | January 31, 2017

Facetime vs Google Hangouts vs Skype vs Google Duo – In the era of growing technology the social media app has become one of the most important sources of our lives. A day without using the latest high-end app seems to be incomplete and why not as the applications today becomes the only source of staying in touch with the people far from you.

It is just like our day begins and ends on social media updates.  Millions of users are connected to each other via the social media app and now with the help of the Facetime people can enjoy video calling with each other by sitting anywhere in the world. It is handy you can take your device anywhere with you and enjoy its benefits.

Facetime vs Google Hangouts vs Skype vs Google Duo

Talking about the video calls then apps like Facetime, Google Hangouts, Skype and also Google Duo. Talking about the given applications then all the above-given applications are one of the best applications for video calling. Have a look at the below-given features to know if Facetime Vs Google Hangouts Vs Skype Vs Google Duo, what shows up to be the best:


Facetime is a default application made by the Apple incorporation which comes as a default application in all the apple products and also because of its huge demand it has also been released for Windows too. The features of Facetime is given be

  • Talking about the audio quality of the regular cell phone connection, Facetime is much better.
  • You can easily mute the call when you are one Facetime that means the caller can see you but cannot hear what you are saying.
  • It has a well-designed user interface that makes is user-friendly
  • You can easily block the call if you do not want to attend
  • Also, the users who have the app inbuilt in their devices need not pay for the app.
  • Facetime features video calling in HD quality that makes it the foremost reason to enjoy calling via Facetime
  • It offers a real-time experience of meeting your near and dear ones.


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Google Hangouts

Just like the other video apps there are some additional features in the Google Hangouts application too like

  • You can easily make and receive Google Voice calls just to make sure that the person is added to the circles
  • You can also make free calls within US and Canada right from you 3G or 4G Network
  • The Google Hangouts now support animated GIFs which makes chatting fun
  • Also with the new update, the users will also be able to see and contact the people who are online and enjoy video calling without any interruption.
  • It possible for users to know who among their friends
  • Also with the help of the new update multi-tasking has become easy with the Google Hangouts.

The Google Hangouts application comes inbuilt in every Android phone and now compatible with the iPhone version 6 and later.

Google Duo

  • Unlike Facetime and Google Hangout the Google Duo features a new update that brings in the Knock Knock feature that helps to give a preview of who is calling by shooting up the camera on the other side of the line.
  • So if you are the one who is initiating the call, you will be able to see a little notification that says your video is visible.
  • An incredibly friendly user and intuitive interface
  • And unlike Hangouts, Google Duo reaches people through their phone numbers and not their Gmail Id.

The Google Duo application server to be a solid yet least cranky and no-muss-no-fuss video calling service application. The Google Duo is one app that bridges the gap between iOS and Android.


  • The best thing about the online video calling with the Skype is that you can enjoy conferencing on other calls too.
  • You can easily enjoy screen sharing on the video calls which makes the video calls interesting and rather useful too.
  • Also, Skype has a good extensive list of emoticons or emojis, which you can access just by clicking the remote image which is next to your message box.

So the given features among the application mark out a tough competition between the Facetime vs. Google Hangouts vs. Skype vs. Google Duo.

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