How much Does Facetime use Data for Calling iPhone/iPad

By | December 17, 2016

How much does Facetime use Data for calling iPhone/iPad? – Video calling these days have become really important and a part of daily routine for the people who love to stay in connection to each other.  The Internet has made the world come together, and by different means, one can easily get connected to their loved once over the internet. With the invention of the applications for better voice and video calling, people can stay connected to each other over the internet. An application like Skype, IMO have been specially launched for video calling in android but to have HD video calling experience relying on Facetime is a must!

The Facetime application is a default program in all the iOS software. If you are an iPhone user, then this application comes inbuilt in all your devices. Because of a better and HD video quality, this application has been in real demand with the iOS and the Windows users. However, the people love to experience Facetime with the people who have the app with themselves.

How much Does Facetime use Data for Calling iPhone/iPad

Features of Facetime application:

  • Facetime gives you a better quality of voice and video calling which is easily equal to the regular cell phone connection.
  • You can mute the voice or video call whenever you wish to, which means you will be able to see the caller you but you cannot hear.
  • The Facetime comes with an easy to use interface system which makes the application user-friendly.
  • Also, you can block any video or voice call if you do not wish to attend.
  • To all those who are not the iOS users need to pay for the Facetime app.

We all know that there are reasons to have unlimited cellular data plans and people are also having it to enjoy the benefit of video calling. But most of the people also keep an eye on the data usage, and when it comes to the Facetime application, the Apple iOS gives different ways to keep a check and also see how much data is consumed by the Facetime while you are using it on the regular cellular network.

Check Out:

To check the usage of the data consumed the Apple iOS you need to follow the given method. However, Apple software doesn’t specify whether the call was made using the cellular network or the Wi-Fi. And everyone keeps an eye on the data consumed as Facetime and even other video calling application require much data to be received or transferred.

If you wish to check the data consumed for Facetime then follow the below-given steps.

How to view the data consumed on Facetime for an individual call?

  • Open the Facetime app on your IOS device (iPad/ iPhone).
  • Select Recent is shown on the bottom
  • Now click on the right of the Facetime app and select the call (audio/video) for which you want to check the data consumed for.
  • Under each Facetime call the data usage will be mentioned.

How to view the overall data consumed on Facetime?

  • Go to the Setting option on your iOS device
  • Now click on the Cellular tab present.
  • In the drop down list locate the Facetime app.
  • Click on it and you will be able to see the total amount of data used.

Using the above-given methods, you can easily enjoy checking the usage of the individual as well as the overall usage of the data consumed by the Wi-Fi or cellular data. You can even wish to reset the statistics of the data to start with the new cycle.  So now you can easily keep a check on the data consumed over all your Facetime calls!

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