Facetime for Android- Top 5 Alternatives

By | December 15, 2016

Facetime for Android- Top 5 Alternatives – Facetime has become the most popular app for doing Video chat. But when you are using Facetime in the Apple devices, it will become difficult for you to switch to Android apps to do a video chat. There are very few apps that are close to Facetime but still we have tried our best find the top 5 alternatives of Facetime for Android.

Facetime for Android- Top 5 Alternatives

Facetime for Android- Top 5 Alternatives

  1. Skype

If you use Apple devices, you use Facetime and if you use Android device, then obviously your first choice will be Skype. I prefer Skype because it is light-weighted and gives you a wonderful experience of video chatting with only few lag. If you have a good internet connection, then you will never face any problem while using Skype. Skype also supports video conferencing up to 10 people. You can use it for free of cost though the paid version is also there. It even allows you to make cheap international calls.

  1. Google Hangout

If you are using an Android device, then chances are there that Google Hangout is pre-installed in your device. When you know that Google is giving you a place to hang out, then it can never go wrong. The app supports messaging, video calls, voice calls and conferencing. With fun stickers and emoji, Google Hangout has proved to be one of the best app available for chilling with friends and keeping stuff professional with your boss!

  1. LINE

LINE not only allows you to do fun messaging but also allows its user to have a voice call and video call. Though this app is primarily used for messaging, you should know that it won’t even disappoint you while having a video call. The new feature of LINE allows having a group call with a maximum number of 200 people. Just like Skype, it also allows making cheap international calls.

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  1. Viber

Viber allows you to send free messages with fun stickers, make free calls and video calls. You can play cool games and even get involved in public chats. The free audio and video calls guarantee HD sound quality. Viber also supports cross platform. Other features of the app include group chat with maximum 200 contacts with the provision to like the messages that you love. Sent a message by mistake? Not a problem, you can delete the message even after you have hit the sent button. You don’t require a username or password to use Viber; just a phone number is enough. If you want to hide any messages, you can do it easily in Viber.

  1. imo free video calls and chats

With more than 100 million downloads, you can never go wrong with imo free video calls and chats. You can do fun messaging with this app, and you can make free video calls and voice calls with all kind of network (2G,3G,4G, and Wi-Fi). HD quality sound and video makes it possible for the user to enjoy everything peacefully. Extra protection is guaranteed by imo free video calls and chats with the help of encrypted calls and chats.

So, this was our list of ‘Facetime Alternatives for Android’. The best thing about our list was that all the 5 alternatives of Facetime for Android can be used for free of cost, unlike Facetime. 

Start experiencing the alternatives of Facetime starting from Skype and then move ahead to try other apps. Don’t forget to share your experience, which I am sure will be pleasant! Invite your friends and families to enjoy the alternative of Facetime!

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