Facetime for PC [Download Facetime] Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP

By | December 22, 2016

FaceTime for PC [Download Facetime] Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP – If you want to do a perfect video calling, then you must have FaceTime. Well, but to use FaceTime you should be having one of the following: iPad, iPhone, iPod or Mac until now.

Things are changing and yes; this means the Windows users are getting lucky. If you run your laptop/PC in Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP, then you can use FaceTime on your device.

Before telling you about how to get FaceTime for PC, I would like you to check that you have the minimum requirement to operate FaceTime.

What Are The Minimum Requirements to Run FaceTime in Windows 10.8.1/8/7/XP?

Facetime for PC [Download Facetime] Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP

Most of the time, all the requirements which are needed to run FaceTime on a laptop/PC is available in the the devices which are launched in the present market, but still for the sake of being sure, check the requirements, so that you know that the app will work on your Windows PC/ laptop.

I have already mentioned the Windows which will you need to run FaceTime. Apart from that, you will need a minimum of 1GHz processor; that means a single core processor along with 2GB RAM.

And obviously, the basic stuff that you need to use FaceTime includes WebCam, microphone and an active internet connection of bandwidth of at least 512 kbps. If you have the requirements, you should check the features of FaceTime, so that you know what you are using.

What Are The Features of FaceTime?

FaceTime is an app for video calling launched by Apple, and you can be sure anything launched by this company is nothing but the best. So, yes FaceTime is the best software that you can have to do a smooth video calling.

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The audio quality is amazing and so is the quality of the video. Having a video chat in HD quality is something that surely everyone deserves, and this what FaceTime gives you. A user-friendly that not only allows you to have one to one conversation but also to do a conference.

Facetime for PC [Download Facetime] Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP

FaceTime provides you a distraction-free way of having a conversation. Whenever someone tries to you call you, you will get to know about it, thanks to the excellent notification feature of FaceTime.

Even if you are using FaceTime on your Windows PC, you don’t need to spend a spend a penny for having a smooth video chat because it is free. Anything that you wish to have while doing a video chat is what FaceTime has. Now let me tell how you can have FaceTime for Windows?

Why Should You Download Facetime on Windows 10/8.1/7/XP

There are many reasons because of which you should download Facetime on your Windows PC. And I am going list few of them so that you are happy about the choice that you are going make.

  • Using Facetime on Windows 10/8.1/7/XP doesn’t mean that you have to blankly stare at your PC screen, even when you don’t want to do it. You can do multitasking while you are using Facetime. How is that possible? It is possible because Facetime on Windows 10/8.1/7/XP gives you the options of navigating on your device. The video screen of the video chat will appear in a rectangular form in the corner of your Windows PC. Watch your friend talk while you are completing some other tasks.
  • You can use Facetime on Windows 10/8.1/7/XP, the way you want it. You can mute a call when you want some noise not to be heard, or you can pause the video chat while you complete your important task. Or you can altogether stop the streaming of the video. Facetime on Windows 10/8.1/7/XP will function the way you want it to.
  • You can, in fact, convert your normal voice call into a video chat with just a single tap. You won’t face any interruption or a measurable lag when you convert you voice chat into video chat in Facetime on Windows 10/8.1/7/XP.
  • Facetime on Windows 10/8.1/7/XP doesn’t crash no matter how long you carry on your chat by using the app or how many apps are running by the side of your video chat in Facetime on Windows 10/8.1/7/XP.

Aren’t these reasons enough for you to convince yourself that you need Facetime on Windows PC badly? Also, there are regular updates of the app. So, you can always expect better stuff from the app.

How To Download FaceTime on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP?

As we all know FaceTime, is an app devised for Apple users, one must have an iOS emulator to use this app in another platform. And therefore, we will download FaceTime on our Windows PC/laptop with the help of an iOS emulator like iPAdian. Now follow the steps to download FaceTime for your Windows PC/laptop within few minutes.

Step 1: Download iPadian iOS emulator.

Step 2: Launch iPadian iOS emulator to install it in your PC/Windows.

Step 3: By using your account, set up the iPadian iOS emulator. You can either use an existing account or create a new.

Step 4: When you are down with the setup, click here to download the APK file of FaceTime.

Step 5: Now click on the downloaded FaceTime APK. Now with the help of Bluestack, open the file and install the app.

Step 6: Follow the instruction displayed on the screen.

To have the highest benefit of FaceTime, use it in a Wi-Fi connection with high internet speed. I guarantee you; you won’t even miss of flicker of moments.

Wasn’t the steps to be followed easily? I am sure after the availability of these simple steps, you have already started using FaceTime on your Windows PC/laptop.

If you are facing any trouble in following any steps, feel free to drop down your query in the comment box, and I shall revert as soon as possible.

Was the post helpful for you? If yes, then share the post because the person with whom you want to have a video call must also have FaceTime on their PC. Share your experience of using FaceTime; we would like to hear it from you.

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