WifiKill Apk: Download Wifi Kill App For Android Phone

By | September 18, 2017

WifiKill Apk for Android: WifiKill Apk is the best Wifi controller for the Android and as well as for tablets for free. Are you bored of your wifi connection? And you are unable to use the net properly then in such cases, WifiKill Apk is the best solution for you. Wifikill will block the internet connection for the connected devices to the wifi router. This App is specially designed to avoid the unwanted connections to our home network. With the help of WifiKill Apk for Android, we can easily get away the unwanted connections. And also we can easily disable the connection without the use of the password, and whenever you want the high-speed internet connection, you can block all the connections using the Wifikill.

WifiKill Apk for Android

The WifiKil Apk collects all the information about the connected devices, and we can manage the accessibility for the other users. If you have the slow internet connection or if you notice that your data is utilized then in such cases we can make use of the WifiKill Application. Download WifiKill APK and disable the users who are connected to your network and later enable the access to your network. It is the popular application for Android Application.

WifiKill Apk for Android | Latest Version

The WifiKill is available for Android device, and the device must be rooted. Without rooting, we can not manage the connected devices. Hence you need to root your Android device if you don’t know how to root the Android device then you can follow the guides. And it is very easy to root your Android mobile. And the most important thing is that this app is no more available on the play store. This is because the misuse of this app may lead to the crimes. Now how is it possible to download the Wifikill Apk on your Android? No more worries this App can be downloaded with the help of the Apk file.

WifiKill Apk for Android

There are many Apps available on the internet for blocking the unwanted connections on your router. It has the simple user interface, and it is easy to download the WifiKill Apk on your Android device.

Key Features of the WifiKill App

WifiKill has the best features and enjoying these features you need to root your device. Follow-up the below features to know more about the outstanding features of the Wifikill App.

  • It easily manages the traffic and shows the list of connected devices to your Wifi network.
  • WifiKill Apk is compatible with all the devices like Android and tablets.
  • And also it shows the amount of bandwidth that is used by the users.
  • As well as it lists out the websites that are visited by the users on your network.
  • We can easily disable the internet connection of the connected devices.
  • It shows the network connection, and along with that, it shows the wireless card information.
  • Finally, it shows the name of the devices that are connected to your Wifi network.

How to Download and Install the WifiKill Apk for Android

The WifiKill App is not officially available to download. There is an another way to download the WifiKilll App that is by using the WifiKill Apk. Before downloading the WifiKill Apk file on your device make sure that your device is rooted if not root the device with the help of the rooting Apps like Towel root and Kingroot etc.

WifiKill Apk for Android

Step 1: First search for the WifiKill Apk file on the internet.

In Step 2: When you find the results select the appropriate result and then click on the WifiKill Apk file.

Step 3: Click on the WifiKill Apk file, and then the file starts downloading.

Step 4: Wait till the downloading process completes.

For Step 5: Check whether you have tick marked the permissions from the unknown sources.

Step 6: Now get back to the download folder and then open the Application.

In Step 7: Click on the install option, and the process completes within a few minutes.

Step 8: At last go to the home page and start using the WifiKill App.

Click Here for WifiKill Apk file

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